What Your Favorite Color Indicates About Your Personality | Decode Your Color Code

Colors are what make this world a vibrant place for mortals like us. Imagine living in a black and white town, like in the films during the 19th century? I am not saying that black and white is a dull color! Obviously, it has its own aesthetic appeal but we can’t deny the fact that all the colors of a rainbow are equally exciting to look at!

Color Psychology And Marketing

Humans tend to attribute and correlate emotions, feelings, and memories with colors. I am sure that you do too unless you are a polar bear from Antarctica! (Not that animals are blind and unable to see colors but still!!). Research has found that color can play a very important role in the life of a person and can have an impact on a person in several ways. With that, an interesting field of Psychology emerged, called Color Psychology which is also widely popular in the marketing and branding industry.

Colors, be it, red, blue, green, gold, silver, pink…each has its own way of influencing the human brain. The principles of Color Psychology are often applied in office space designing so as to ascend office productivity. In the marketing field as well, the relevance and significance of color Psychology are undeniable. You can notice how some major fast-food chains like McDonald’s, for example, is associated with bright yellow, the famous coffee chain, Starbucks with green, products and services that are tech-related such as Dell and Intel, etc., with blue, certain feminine brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Cosmopolitan, Avon, etc., with pink and the like.

These brands certainly have their brand colors successfully imprinted on the consumer’s minds. Just like these brands, I am sure that many of you might have a favorite color (or even colors!) as well. Here is the fun part, what if I told you that your favorite color can give information about who you are as a person? Read more to find out!

There may be people who find it absolutely ridiculous but there are many research works conducted time and again to prove that color, to an extent, does affect human personality. Let’s find out how!

Color Code Personality Profile

Dr. Taylor Hartman, a Psychologist invented a concept called the ‘Hartman Personality Profile’. He penned the book, titled ‘The People Code and The Character Code’ and propounded the Color Code Personality Profile. According to his Color theory, the personalities of people are categorized into four major colors. They are as follows:

Red (Motivated By Power)

Reds are the power wielders of the world and utilize rationale, vision, and determination and are not much keen on the emotional aspect of things, that is, they use their brain more than their heart to take and make decisions in their life. They are pretty steadfast, mentally strong, assertive, independent, task-oriented, and disciplined. Some of their shortcomings include their constant need to be right and taken seriously by others. They can likewise display a sort of controlling and dominating behavior. 

Blue (Motivated By Intimacy)

Life is an arrangement of responsibilities for the blues. They blossom with connections and like being social and submissive. They can be doubting and stress inclined. Blues tend to be perplexing and natural and can be exceptionally obstinate. The blues can likewise be passionate and touchy and can act naturally noble, and at the same time be extremely self-restrained and earnest. Their shortcoming is that they are the most controlling of the four tones. They can be uncertain and critical. Lacking trust, they get themselves angry and can end up being unforgiving. They frequently fall flat at seeing the positive side of life and constantly need to be cherished, acknowledged, and validated.

White (Motivated By Peace)

Inspired by Peace, Whites successfully keep away from any sort of confrontation. Their lone request from life are the things that cause them to feel comfortable. That feeling encourages their need to feel great inside. Whites are thoughtful, circumspect, patient, and tolerant. Their downside is that they don’t normally share what they are feeling, understanding, or seeing. They will not communicate any issues they are facing. They disdain to work at another person’s speed and can often be to some degree, self-deprecating.

Yellow (Motivated By Fun)

Yellows are spurred by Fun. They are here to make some extraordinary memories! They are exceptionally influential and are unconstrained in nature. The yellows always continually search for something new to do and foster relationships easily, however can be extremely self-centered, holding them back from shaping significant connections. Frequently they have loads of companions, however just on a shallow level. That is one of their weakness along with the fact that they may experience issues getting serious and have trouble not behaving in a mature manner in life.

Hartman’s Quiz

Furthermore, Hartman came up with data in his book which indicated that, among the general population, 25% of the population constituted the red profile, 35% comprised of the blue profile, and white and yellow were of 20% of the population, each.

In order to find out whether you are a red, blue, yellow, or white, there is a Hartman’s Color Code test which constitutes 45 questions to analyze your color profile. His theory has been prone to a lot of criticisms and backlashes though. It is because you can’t just color code people into 4 types because people are unique in their own way and many won’t find such classifications to be accurate for obvious reasons, and it isn’t much attributed to colors, it is just how he meant to categorize people. Anyways, if you are interested, here is the link to a shorter version of his test:


How Colors Affect The Way You Think

According to the advocates and founders of Color Psychology, the colors, shades, and tones you often pick say a great deal regarding your mental, physical and emotional state of being, and just like that, the colors that you loathe and despise indicate a lot about your shortcomings, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities. They also make us understand that one may not showcase all the characteristics as mentioned below but would find certain similarities in connection to their various personality traits.

Let me flash a quick disclaimer across your mind: This article is just for the purpose of entertainment and does not in any way say that your favorite color can accurately describe what kind of a person you are. I have researched and collated useful information for the same, so, don’t come at me! Keeping all that information in mind, let us ponder upon what your favorite color says about your personality.

But, before we go on to that, think of your most favorite color to give your brain some clarity. People and their preference and perception towards colors are a subjective matter but I am here to disseminate general information about how your favorite color can define your personality. Your favorite color can be any color that makes you feel happy looking at, to something you share a warm memory with. 

So, what is your favorite color? You should give out a spontaneous answer without too much of overthinking.

If that’s difficult for you, think of the colors you would immediately lay your hands on while picking out a new outfit or an item of your interest. If you don’t have one particular favorite color, that is fine too. Sometimes, you might have an affinity towards bright yellow but wouldn’t necessarily pick out outfits that are too flashy with bright colors (just to give you a bit of clarity!) After all, colors are so mesmerizing, how can we be so selfish and prefer just one color?!

Whatever be the case, I will list down a bunch of your most favorite colors and how it resonates with your personality. Just think of a color or colors that you find to be most appealing and read on!

Your Favorite Colors And What It Indicates About Your Personality


If your favorite color is black, then, you are highly emotional and loyal to your friends. You are disciplined, an overachiever, and very serious and will have a keen understanding of the past, and will be aware of why things happen the way they do. Prestige and power are important to you. You are strong-willed and determined. Your deepest need is to have control and power.


If you fancy grey all the time, you are neutral about life and are always very cool and calm. You are good at being impartial and unbiased and are naturally objective in your thinking; your head rules over your emotions; however, you are often indecisive when it comes to making certain decisions in your life. You also tend to play it safe, not taking unnecessary risks, always thinking before acting. Many a time, you find yourself lacking energy around large groups which often lead you to seek your own company. You tend to look for balance in your life and you are often aloof and emotionally detached. Your deepest need is to be respected for who you are by others.

Cement Grey

This is a different kind of grey color. However, if you are a lover of this kind of grey color, then you are enthusiastic about making and changing the world into a better place. You have strong faith and a relaxing effect on your friends. You often try to avoid a lot of attention and are incredibly stable in your life. In general, you are cool and composed and a very reliable person.


If you love the color white, you are neat and immaculate in your appearance. You have a strong vision in life and is of a positive and optimistic nature. You are organized and very independent and you like to be a problem solver and also tend to be outspoken and freely speak your mind. Being open-minded and self-reflective, your deepest need is to create simplicity in your life.


Beige is indeed a very classy color. If you fancy it, then, you are a calm, elegant, simple, and straightforward person. You are not much sophisticated and are dedicated, dependable, and quite adaptable to life situations. Beige lovers may tend to be monotonous at times and search for the true meaning and purpose of life. Since you are a fan of simplicity, you try to be less complicated and easy to understand. Flexibility and dependability are your major traits. 


If brown is your favorite color, you are honest, down-to-earth, and wholesome. Keeping a comfortable home environment is very important to you and you also appreciate and focus on the simple things in life. You are also reliable and keep to your word and you take your obligations and responsibilities very seriously. Your deepest need is a safe, secure, and comfortable existence. 

Chocolate Brown

Thinking about chocolate brown is already making me hungry! If this is your favorite color, you are again, down to earth and seek joy from life. You don’t take things personally, and tend to bounce back up from failure, and are a go-getter. You are dependable, punctual, and have high standards for excellence. Your life experiences have imparted a lesson in you, that is, a fact that a solid foundation is mandatory for success. You are also genuine and transparent with your emotions.

Paper Bag Brown

Paper bag brown is a new addition to the list of browns! Driven by your conscience, you are a level-headed decision-maker who will guide yourself well at work and in love even though you are known to plant your feet in the ground when asked to be flexible. 

Khaki Brown

As an activist, you behold a capacity to change the world and make it a better place to live in. You are admired and loved as a friend. You must learn to be self-confident and appreciative of your skills and abilities and whatever you have accomplished in life so far. If you are a khaki brown lover, you are also well-disciplined and like to abide by rules and regulations, and are a conventionalist.  


I am sure that red might be a favorite of many! If you have an affinity towards the color red, then you know who you are and what you want. Popularity, power, and money are all yours. You are kind and generous to your friends. Red lovers love to have fun at parties, especially if they are in charge. You are also a perfectionist and don’t mind stating your opinions boldly. 


Maroon lovers take pride in their appearance and love luxurious and materialistic things in life. If it is your favorite color, you tend to seek social status and you generally care greatly about how you are perceived by others. You enjoy your own company and you are reserved, controlled, and dignified in manner. Strength, ambition, creativity, and excitement are your dominant traits.


If you fancy the color, burgundy, you possess unique qualities and are very compassionate. You can also tend to be a total control freak. You can tend to be sophisticated and reserved in nature. You are determined, ambitious, and also aristocratic in nature and like confrontation, and are very courageous. Sophistication, power, and influence are the traits that sets you apart from others.


If yellow is your favorite color, you are highly imaginative. Your positive energy is magnetic! You have a great sense of humour, fueled by your bright mind and spontaneous nature, and is a person with many ideas. But beware! You tend to shun responsibility and at worst, are cowardly. Your deepest need is to possess some kind of logical order in everyday life. 


Orange lovers are generous, approachable, tolerant, and accepting of others. If that’s your favorite color, you are adventurous and uninhibited. You are also a risk-taker and also have a creative flair. You are active and always on the go and possess great problem-solving skills. Your deepest need is to be surrounded by people, to socialize with them, and be accepted and respected, and considered as part of a group.


If you fancy the Coral shade, then your optimism and positive outlook in life often gives you the liberty to look for the good in everyone and highlight their positive traits by being supportive. You are often afraid of speaking your mind and your reserved nature may come off as being shy. Naturally methodological and organized, you won’t have a problem thinking through tough solutions. You may be a little irresponsible at times but will always have good intentions. You always try to motivate others with your optimism.


If you are a fan of the color green, then you are kind, generous, and compassionate as well as innovative, and logical. You are frank, moral, reputable, and sensitive to social customs and etiquette. You also feel deep affection for your family. You strive for accuracy and excel at crafting logical responses to objections. You may tend to struggle with perfectionism. Your deepest need is to possess a sense of belonging, to love, and be loved, and to feel safe and secure in this universe.


If blue is your favorite color, you are conservative, reliable, and trustworthy. You are also curious, fun-loving, and people-oriented. You love attention and don’t hold any grudges. You tend to be classy and good convincers. Your primary goal is to make others feel comfortable and bring out the best in others. You are also an easy-going person. However, you may tend to be unorganized and get bored easily. Your deepest need is to search for inner peace and tranquility. 


If turquoise is your most preferred color, you are amicable and approachable, and easy to interact with. You are intuitive with a desire to be creative and different from other people. You are a clear thinker, however, your emotions can be erratic when you face challenges in life. Sometimes, you may come across as cold and uncaring as you don’t naturally consider the feelings of others. Your deepest need is to be able to express your hopes and dreams without overthinking about it much.


If teal is what you find attractive, you tend to be shy, objective, earnest and controlling. You are also accepting, supportive and rational. As a whole, you are a well-intentioned and reserved person. Your deepest need is to find a sort of mental balance in your life. You are sophisticated, self-sufficient, and is great at communicating with others.

Peacock Blue

Peacock Blue fans are patient and serious. If that is your favorite color, you do love to explore but you worry about what you will find. Oftentimes, you are inflexible but on the other side, you are compassionate and loyal. You have a rare personality and will be one of a kind. You always like to be a winner and try to compete with people and enjoy the finer things in life.


If you are an Indigo person, you are honest, compassionate, and understanding. Integrity is extremely important to you. You are intuitive, traditional, and mysterious. You are also a private person who seeks to keep some secrets in life and try to maintain a low profile. You have a desire for creative expression and have a strong need to be unique. You are quite intelligent as well. Your deepest need is to feel at peace and harmony and at one with the universe.


If Violet is your most loved color, you are gentle and free-spirited. Your feelings run deep and you are sensitive, intuitive, and compassionate. You also love royal and luxurious things in life and are quite gentle in nature. Your deepest need is emotional security and to create order and perfection in all areas of your life, including your spiritual life.


If your favorite color is purple, you tend to be a perfectionist who requires a lot of emotional security in life and you are very giving, hence try to help others in need without any hesitation. You possess a pure mind, ready wit, and an ability to observe things that generally will not catch the eyes of others very easily. You relish the subtle but recognize the magnificent. You are also charismatic, unique, and dignified.


It is the color of femininity. If you love lavender as a color, you are an optimistic person who constantly try to encourage others. In addition to being a kind and compassionate person, you are also very inspiring. The one drawback is that you lack urgency. You represent youthfulness, Vitality, and tenderness.


If you are obsessed with pink, you are loving, kind, and sensitive to the needs of others. You are friendly and playful and seeks joy from the little things in life. You are also very caring and nurturing and a natural romantic. Your innocent and playful nature is what attracts others to find you to be most attractive. Your deepest need is to be accepted by people and you want to be loved and cared for, unconditionally. 


Blush lovers possess an affectionate and nurturing nature which makes their loved ones feel calm and peaceful, and well cared for. If you are a blush lover, you genuinely thrive in the success and happiness of others, especially your friends, family, and well-wishers. You believe in unconditional love and tend to find the good in everyone and are quite witty, smart, and creative.

Strawberry Pink

If this is your favorite color, you are a happy-go-lucky person and tend to experience opportunities appearing like magic and things conveniently falling into place, at times. You are an enchanter, attracting people to you. You are open and enthusiastic. Peace, harmony, and calmness are important to your daily routine but you appreciate letting loose on occasions and enjoy embracing all the fun elements that life has in store for you.

Fuchsia Pink

If you love Fuchsia, you are courageous and passionate and have a playful side that balances your serious and spiritual nature. You are pretty self-confident and have no issue in being in action all the time. You can also be quite wild in nature and is an adventurous person who likes to undertake risks in life. You enjoy being different from others in your own unique way.


Magenta lovers are imaginative and creative. If you have an eye for that color, then you love to surround yourself with beauty. You are also a networker who excels at bridging together people, information, and resources. You like to have fun and tend to inspire your friends and family with your sense of wanderlust spirit and spontaneity and your deepest need is to have a perfect balance in your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual attributes in life.


If you love silver as a color, you are very intuitive and have great insight into yourself and your life, in general. You are wise and responsible and value being trusted, and have set up strong values and morals that you live by. You also tend to have a professional and mature outlook while dealing with issues in life. You always contemplate your future and might have a tough time living in the present, and your deepest need is to look out or hunt for the real meaning of life and finally attain spiritual fulfillment in life.


Gold is a color that exudes luxury and all things royal! If that is your favorite color, you radiate charisma, personality, and individuality. You generally have a positive nature with high ambitions for yourself. You are very aware of your surroundings; you naturally pay attention to details. You have a desire to acquire knowledge and are often happy to share that knowledge with others. Your deepest need is to acquire the deepest knowledge and understanding of yourself as a spiritual being.

In The End,

You are a unique person irrespective of all these facts! Comment down below if you found this to be helpful or interesting! Let me know whether it proved to be right in your case!

Whatever color or colors you have an affinity towards, remind yourself to make your life a colorful place and spread that colorfulness to every other person who comes in contact with you! Be a rainbow of love, positivity, and all things good!

Don’t forget to share this article with your friends to find out what their favorite color indicates about their personality!

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