Miss Isha

Heya! A warm welcome to my beautiful mess of random, creative madness. I call this my scribble spot. ‘That Pink Journal’ is an unplanned avenue where anything can happen, and I make sure that it is happening, alright!

I am Isha, who is a cat by the day and an owl by night. Not quite the introduction you were looking for, am I right? Well, don’t worry, I still am a human being! The only difference is that I run a blog, ‘That Pink Journal’ and you are a reader who happened to stumble upon it.

I like spending a lot of alone time in my thinking chair, generating ideas in my mind. And then one day, I thought to myself, ”Hey! you should totally start a blog where you could unleash your mediocre creativity in!”

So, Viola! Here I am with ‘That Pink Journal’ where I try to keep everything as unique and original as possible.

That Pink Journal is a lifestyle blog that comprises an amalgamation of topics wherein I openly share, discuss and educate people about everything that my brain could throw light on.

I am also a Medical and Psychiatric Social Worker who believes in being vocal about mental health and actively strive towards spreading awareness and eradicating any stigma attached to mental illness.

That Pink Journal is handcrafted with love and attention to publishing interesting posts just about anything under the sun, with a mission to initiate, build and establish a community of creativity, positivity, and humanity.

Come! Be a part of this beautiful community ❤

*Looks sideways*

Psst! Come closer, let me tell you a secret!

I would love to connect with you. You are here for a reason. Enjoy my blog posts and comment your thoughts down below as it matters to me 🙂

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